BLDC Motor

Since 1983, Gaowei has committed to develop and produce bldc motor and motor for ventilation applications and all other user applications. Currently, we have products of brushless DC motor, external rotor motor, capacitor motor, shaded pole motors, and ceiling fan motor, etc. we have started our research in brushless DC motor for years and the first production started at 2013, as we saw the trend of EC motor in the world and also the technical advantages of BLDC over other traditional motor solution, which is higher speed, low noise, high power, electronic control, provide high efficiency to the applications and to helps for energy saving, and long-lasting durability. BLDC provides a more efficient and energy-saving solution to all residential, commercial, and industrial applications, it is your ideal choice for your higher standard!

For other quality and more economical solution, please refer to the rest of the motors we produce. Please kindly note that different voltage, frequency and shaft elongation motors can be designed and produced according to customer requirements.