1.Metal Stamping Workshop

mold workshop

Gao Wei Group industrial fans and blowers manufacturers, Our stamping workshop has more than 200 units metal pressing machines with difference capacity such 40 tons (t) ~80 ton (t) ~200 ton (t) ~600 ton (t) ~800 ton (t) series of, 200 tons (t) ~550 ton (t). We also have more than 20 units Gantry Type Press with various specifications for different kinds of motor automatic punching sheets and automatic stretching motor housing die. Those are suitable for all kinds of motor punching, large box blanking, stretching, bending process, such as cold-rolled sheet and stainless steel stamping processing. Some equipment even equipped with advanced automatic feeding equipment to achieve continuous adjustable high-speed stamping production.



2.Molds Workshop

GW Stamping Fty 1

Our mold factory has a total of more than 40 units advanced machines including Japanese Mitsubishi 6m X 2m laser cutting machine, CNC automatic machining machine, automatic CNC bending machine, automatic numerical Control displacement Press, 3m X 2m precision surface grinder, CNC automatic grinder, CNC automatic milling machine, large automatic drilling machine. We also have wire cutter, Electro-etching machine, automatic identification scanner, hardness tester, mold processing equipment, and testing equipment. All of those enable us to make all kinds from large to medium-sized metal molds, plastic mold design, and manufacturing capacity.




3.Mesh Knitting Workshop

Gao Wei Group Grill Knitting

Our Mesh Knitting workshop has 48 automatic Weaving mesh machines (squeeze hole forming machines), equipped with automatic feeding device to achieve fully automatic weaving mesh forming processing, suitable for 250mm~625mm wide different thickness, different specifications of cold-rolled steel sheet, aluminum sheet weaving mesh forming process.





4.Plastic Injection Workshop

plastic injection workshop

Our injection molding plant has a total of more than 50 units of 120 tons (t), 160 tons (t), 188 tons (t), 280 tons (t), 320 tons (t), 380 tons (t), 400~628 ton (t), 1200 tons (t) and another medium, large and extra-large size series of the plastic injection molding machine. Most of the injection machines equipped with advanced computer 3D automatic clamping manipulator to achieve a fully automatic plastic mold injection process from the raw material feeding → loading parts → injection → take part. Those also are equipped with an automatic feeding line to centralizing the collection and packaging process which fit mass production of a variety of different kinds of plastic material and product specifications.







5.Final Assembly Workshop

GW Painting Fty 1

We have total of 5 final product assembly workshops equipped with semi-automatic assembly lines and sub accessories production lines. Another unique configuration is having a number of semi-automatic independent integrated station assembly lines (in fishbone layout format) which solve the problem producing many models with small quantities for each. The single product working-flow type operation is integrated into the operation of “multi-process assembling integrated into the independent single station”, which can produce many varieties of products at the same time, and then centralize in one unified packing line. At the same time, we also have semi-automatic circle flow production lines and semi-automatic packaging equipment for handling the production of a variety of product specifications with large order quantity.

6.High Precision Metal Workshop

high precision metal workshiop

Having high standards in both engineering and manufacturing. With vertically integrated business. We are industrial fans and blowers manufacturers, With high precision machinery for metal processing together with In-house painting and enameling facilities. Giving a meaningful product line-up ready or easily adaptable for new customer requests.

7.Motor Assembly Workshop

GW motor Fty 1

Our motor assembly workshop equips with many precision CNC automatic lathe which has characteristics of high precision machining, fast workpiece clamping, high processing efficiency, and stable processing quality. Those are especially suitable for high precision demand, large size requirements of parts (motor housings, external rotor motor, casting aluminum rotor, etc.) and the daily output could be more than 10,000 parts. At the same time, we also have more than 20 sets of winding machines for capacitor motor, external rotor motor, and BLDC motor stator. We also have a capacitor motor stator automatic embedding machine, falling line stator lashing machine, and other production equipment. With the advanced production technology, we could produce various types of stable and premium quality capacitor motors, shaded pole motor, external rotor motor, three-phase asynchronous motor, single-phase asynchronous motor, motor Dec, BLDC DC inverter motor with a high production efficiency with daily output up to more than 20,000 units.